St Mary’s Harbour News November 6th

Here’s the latest St Mary’s Harbour news from Alan Hartwell


The Scillonian III will complete her season this weekend with a trip on Saturday and Sunday. The vessel will depart on both days at 1400
Our winter mooring maintenance program has been well underway this week during the settled weather. As before could all mooring holders see that their boats are removed. If you require a winter mooring just give us a call
Parts of the pontoon have been removed for the winter to save on wear. As the number of vessels on the pontoon reduce we shall remove more

The steel work and shuttering for the wave wall is currently being positioned before the top slab joining the existing quay and extension is poured towards the end of next week

Works to drill the mounting holes for the fenders has gone well over the last week and continues
The four heavy moorings at Nut Rock, Innisidgen and behind the quay remain in place and will do for the foreseeable future
Remaining works to the extension are pouring the top slab and wave wall, fitting fenders, grouting steps and anchors and fitting lights


Work in this area is ongoing as tide allows and Kier are working on site on both day and night shifts
The entire length of the lower layer of blocks has been laid as have 90% of layer 2 and the first 8 of layer 3
The concrete tie in to the original structure by the roadway has been completed on all three of these levels
It is envisaged that over the weekend the top layer block in this tie in area will be fitted. To enable this fitment work to the existing wave wall will be undertaken over the quiet periods. Protective shuttering will be placed in this area but will not cause any issues with access to the roadway.


Ticket Office/Check in:Awaiting handover

Freight Office: Painting and minor building works required to finish

Chiller/Freezer: The cable has now been run from the chiller to the freight office and the doors are complete. Work continues next week to fit the cooling units to the roof as soon as their final position is clarified

Freight Store: External cladding work continues

Balcony: Work to the bases of each column is underway with granite stones being recycled from the original quay walkway where appropriate