Council Applies For Moorwell Waste Site Planning Permission

moorwell alp mar 2014The Council has applied for planning permission to build a new large storage shed at the Moorwell waste site.

It’s the first stage in the government-funded transformation of the dump from use as landfill to a full recycling facility.

The 42m (138ft) by 22m (72ft) building, which will be 7m (23ft) tall, is expected to be used to process and store up to 200 tonnes of recycled household materials, including plastics, cardboard, paper and metal.

The Council says containing the waste in a large building will mean it’s less visible and minimise noise, dust, and smells. That, they say, will improve the residential amenities for neighbouring properties.

The agricultural-style building will be sited at the front, western end of the facility.

Scilly is one of the last local authorities in the country not to have household recycling collections and the visual impact of the accumulated rubbish, the Moorwell Alp, had drawn criticism from residents and visitors.

In 2014, the Environment Agency ordered the Council to stop using Moorwell for what they regarded as landfill as they didn’t have a permit.

And since early last year, St Mary’s-based company United Environmental Solutions has been removing the legacy waste to landfill sites on the mainland.

As part of the redevelopment, the Council has already announced the demolition of the old incinerator, which was built in 1978.

However, 36 years of operation has meant large deposits of ash have built up on the site, as well as other bulky waste, such as soil, loose vegetation and construction and demolition material.

Some of this is likely to be used to build perimeter mounds around the site.

Moorwell is close to several important wetlands including the Sites of Special Scientific Interest at Higher Moors, Porth Hellick Pool and Lower Moors.

Natural England have been consulted and say they have no objection to the works, so long as they’re carried out according to the plans.

The application is expected to go before planners at their 24th November meeting and the Council says they’d like to complete the work by March 2016.

3 Responses to Council Applies For Moorwell Waste Site Planning Permission

  1. kay banfield November 7, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    Looking forward to recycling being put in place. I imagine householders will be asked to separate plastic, paper, cardboard etc to make it easier for the staff?

    • Pete November 7, 2015 at 7:12 pm

      Kay. Planning permission absolutely vital. But let’s hope the person in charge knows exactly what their doing. As against the previous management who had not got a clue, as their legacy is left for all to see. The council tax payers have certainly been dealt a RUBBISH hand.

    • Yipee Kay Yay November 8, 2015 at 7:56 am

      Looking forward to a really well organised cost effective waste service, however that is extremely unlikely given the terrible current performance of this apology of a council, so instead I’m looking forward to paying more for less and the usual farce.