Scilly Shipwreck Artefacts Go On Display In Sussex

colossus artefacts nov 2015Artefacts from a 200-year old Scilly shipwreck are going on display at a Sussex museum.

Back in 1999, St Mary’s shipwreck hunter Todd Stevens discovered the stern of the HMS Colossus, which was lost in 1798 on the Southard Well Reef.

This year is the 200th anniversary of the ship’s Captain, George Murray, being made a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.

That event is being marked in Chichester where he lived and died.

Todd has been contacted by ‘The Murray Club’ to supply the town museum with a display of items from his ship.

The pieces, including a musket, ammunition, eating utensils, pottery and belt buckles, were raised from the wreck by Todd over the years and have taken pride of place in the dining room of his B&B, also called Colossus.

They’ll be on display in Chichester for the next 15 months.