St Martin’s Webcam Seen Around The World

TERRY DAVISA web camera showing the view across Lower Town on St Martin’s has now been accessed a third of a million times by people from nearly every nation on earth.

Owner Terry Davis says that since he’s set up his webcam, the pattern of visitors has altered.

American viewers log in every day and recently the numbers of Australian visitors to the site has risen.

When the hotel employed many staff from the Czech Republic, Terry noticed a spike in visitors from that nation too, although that has dropped off.

Terry was the first person on St Martin’s to have internet access and the webcam follows a complicated series of links in order to beam images to the world.

The camera is solar-powered and sends its images to a wireless station in Terry’s barn at Lower Town. That is then sent by Wi-Fi to his home at Middle Town, where it’s uploaded to the web.

The camera is in a glass case on a rock and as it is exposed to extreme heat, humidity and rain, it can sometimes fail.

If the feed goes down, Terry says there’s usually “a mad panic” to get the service up and running again before emails of concern flood in.

A timer switches it off at night, so the solar-powered battery isn’t drained unnecessarily.

Terry says some people are “addicted” to the images and even use them as a screensaver on their computer at work.

He operates the service at his own expense because he knows that for many people, especially St Martin’s regulars, the site is their daily link back to the island.

You can see Terry’s webcam here.

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