Karma St Martin’s Attracts New Visitors From Asia

karma st martins oct 2015Karma St Martin’s Hotel has helped attract new visitors to Scilly from Asia during its first full-year of operation.

Manager Francesca McCarthy says marketing the business using the extensive Karma resorts membership database has helped extend the St Martin’s season and that’s benefited all local businesses.

Francesca says the hotel has been particularly popular with visitors from India this season, and they’ve also received guests from as far afield as Australia.

She says those guests have been surprised by how beautiful the islands and their beaches have been.

The hotel closes for the season today. This winter there’ll be further upgrades and a ‘tidy-up’ of the exterior.

This will include reinstating of the indoor pool and islanders will be able to use that next year.

Francesca says the management team has learned some lessons this year and recruiting staff has been challenging.

She says there’s a high turnover and that’s meant the hotel has been placing ads for staff almost constantly.

Karma expects to reopen on Good Friday next year, with a commitment to hosting more events including the return of Miracle Theatre’s open-air production.

Francesca says being “the new kids on the block” means everyone wanted to come “and check them out” this season.

That’s pushed occupancy rates to over 80% between May and September and has helped make it a successful season for Karma on St Martin’s.