New Dustcart Should Solve St Mary’s Refuse Problems

moorwell dump with truckDelays in St Mary’s refuse collection, caused by technical problems with the dustcart, will soon be resolved.

Councillors have agreed to purchase a newer replacement vehicle.

The current bin lorry is 14 years old and has broken down ten times over the last year. And councillors have been advised that reliability is important as the team handle up to 25 tonnes of waste each week.

Last year members gave permission for the leasing of a vehicle.

Waste officer Rebbeca Steggles told members that this approach was now “not cost effective.”

Instead they will buy a second hand 7.5 tonne compaction vehicle for around £40,000, which will be operated until 2025 and is expected to be cheaper in the long term.

Members praised the staff for their work and were keen to support them. Gaz O’Neill said they did, “excellent work on a daily basis.”

The meeting heard that the smaller dustcart was taken off the road by the visiting Police vehicle inspectors last week.

Rebecca said a permanent replacement has been secured. That will serve residents inside the Garrison Arch.