Latest Artist In Residence Taking A New View Of Tresco

Theo Crutchley MackNext time you are given a 50p coin in your change, have a look at it. If it features an image of a cyclist in a velodrome, then it was designed by Tresco’s latest artist in residence.

21-year-old Theo Crutchley-Mack won a competition to create a coin to commemorate the 2012 London Olympics when he was just 16.

He has just completed his Art degree course at Falmouth University and Tresco Estate owners Robert and Lucy Dorrien Smith spotted his talent when they saw his portfolio at his final degree show.

They invited Theo to spend a month on the island producing ten paintings and drawings, which will be featured in an exhibition next year.

He uses mixed media including acrylics and spray paints to create his work. And it is not the flowers, landscapes and sea scenes that you might expect from a Tresco-based artist.

Theo specialises in dilapidated structures including boats deteriorating and decaying on beaches.

There aren’t many rusty wrecks on Tresco and Theo’s says he’s enjoyed the challenge of discovering new subject material that hasn’t been widely portrayed on canvas before.

He says he’s been studying the quays and has found the old helicopter shell that was used for fire practice at the former heliport. He feels that will make an interesting contrast with the beautiful landscape of the island.

Theo says he’s enjoyed the residency and the island has inspired him to draw some landscapes, which is something he wouldn’t normally do.

He leaves his placement at the weekend to return to his West Wales studio.

You can see some of his recent work here.