Council Could Provide Full-Time Holiday Childcare Next Year

childrens services signThe Council could provide full-time childcare during the Easter and summer holidays next year.

Social Services Senior Manager Aisling Hick told members of the Children’s Committee that her department had looked at this before, but changes to universal credit and the general economic situation meant they now had to do more to support working parents.

St Agnes councillor Mollie Peacock said off-islanders with children can find it difficult to plan around some of the summer activity clubs because there had been no childcare provision over lunch times.

She said young children can’t be left alone and if parents have to look after them for that hour, it defeats the object of sending them to the club in the first place.

Social Worker Lynn Plummer said that was a lesson they’d learned this summer and have provided cover for the entire day during this October half term.

Parents have to pay for the activities and Aisling said in order to make any full-time holiday childcare sustainable, they would “need to make money on it.”

Cllr James Francis, who has young children, says the holiday club is valued by parents and he felt there were real health benefits for youngsters, especially the sporting activities.