‘Journeyman’ Antique Restorer Visiting Scilly

edward carefoot journeymanAn antique restorer has come to Scilly to follow in the footsteps of medieval craftsmen.

30-year old Edward Carefoot completed a 5-year apprenticeship in the Lake District but instead of accepting a permanent job, he’s come here to embark on a 12-month walking and working tour of England.

Edward is following the ‘journeymen’ tradition, started in the 12th century, where newly qualified artisans moved from town to town, sleeping rough whilst they took on work and shared skills with other craftsmen.

Edward says some of the original rules where quite restrictive, like being single, not returning home for five years and wearing a gold earing to mark you out.

The earring would pay for a journeyman’s burial if he died on the road.

Edward says he hopes he doesn’t expire during his shorter 12-month tour!

He’s also embracing some modern technology by blogging but he also wants to keep a strong sense of tradition.

He’ll be knocking doors for work, as journeymen would have done in the middle ages, although he’s aware that it could make people suspicious in this day and age.

But Edward says so far people have been interested in what he’s doing, especially as he’s carrying all his tools with him in his granddad’s old rucksack.

Edward also hopes to cross the channel to France and Germany, where the journeyman tradition is stronger and wandering craftsmen have an established uniform.

He won’t be on the trip entirely alone because his partner, former Scilly-based artist Imogen Bone, will join him for part of the route.

You can contact Edward on 07841 595407 or leave a message on the notepad at his temporary space, near Martyn Smalley’s Old Town workshop.

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