Most Islanders Feel Healthy Says Survey

healthwatchThe majority of islanders feel healthy and are happy with healthcare services in Scilly, considering our location and the small size of our population.

That’s according to feedback following Healthwatch’s annual survey.

Back in April, surveys were sent to all 950 households and 255 of the forms were completed and returned.

Healthwatch Manager Carol Clarke is pleased with that 27% response rate.

The survey asked locals to rate their health and wellbeing on a scale from very poor to excellent.

And it appears that most locals feel quite well. In the 26-40 age group, 81% said their health was ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ while that figure was 67% in the 41-65 group.

Those aged 65+ were only slightly below that on 63%.

The questionnaire asked which services offer the most support in Scilly.

50% of islanders who were in good health found the GP practice most supportive.

Many respondents in excellent health said that the Council’s sports facilities made the greatest impact.

Carol thinks there could be a link between using the gym and a sense of wellbeing and some people suggested that the facility could offer more general keep fit classes in the evening for middle-aged people who work.

Nearly all respondents were very pleased with the hospital and St Mary’s Health Centre, although there were some complaints over the loss of privacy following the remodelling of the new pharmacy into what some respondents felt was a smaller space.

And some locals, particularly people working in the day, wanted more flexible opening hours.

The most negative response was over eye care services in Scilly which 59% of locals rated as poor.

Healthwatch says it is clear that it cannot adequately meet the level of need and they recommend that arrangements for local eye testing are reviewed.

Dr John Garman says that dialogue continues with NHS England but optometry will remain a challenge because of the funding.

Some Islanders also requested easier access to physiotherapy services.

You can read the full survey results here.