Councillor Told To Take DIY Approach To Off-Island Transport For Elderly

Councillor Colin Daly

Councillor Colin Daly

The Council’s Senior Manager for Community Services has told an off-island councillor that he should organise his own list of volunteers willing to help elderly residents with transport.

St Martin’s-based Cllr Colin Daly asked at last week’s Community Services meeting why there had been no progress on putting together a list of people willing to offer car journeys on the off-islands, similar to the Buzza Bus on St Mary’s.

Colin has repeatedly requested this over the past year, saying it was needed for older off-island residents to get to locations such as the quays.

But manager Aisling Hick told Colin that this hadn’t been progressed, and that he could do it himself.

Aisling said it was “absolutely something a member can do in their own community.”

Colin responded that he felt it would work better if organised centrally.

Age UK, in partnership with the Council, has recently recruited an Active Living co-ordinator, Elaine Leijser, to organise volunteering on the islands.

Colin also asked why there were still no home help workers recruited for the off-islands.

He said he was “disturbed” by the fact that there was no-one able to do this locally and someone had to come over from St Mary’s to carry out the tasks.

But Aisling said anyone with an assessed need would get help, regardless of where they lived.

She said they had tried to recruit on the off-islands but so far, there had only been interest in the job from St Agnes.

Aisling told Colin that she “cannot do much else, other than encourage people to apply.”