Autumn Football Match To Become Regular Fixture

Scott Reid and Ashley Mudd.

Scott Reid and Ashley Mudd.

There’ll be a birdwatchers versus islanders football match each autumn from now on.

That’s according to Scott Reid, the Cheshire-based birder who re-started the traditional visitors against locals game on the Garrison yesterday.

Scott had hoped to host a match last year but says he made the decision in August and that was too late.

This time Scott and North Yorkshire-based birdwatcher Ashley Mudd have approached the game seriously and they’ve been preparing.

Scott said the birdwatchers managed to get in some training on the islands over the summer as well as at a big international birding event at Rutland Water in August.

This has been Scott’s first autumn birdwatching visit here and, as he is 25 year of age he doesn’t remember the original games, which ran throughout the 80s and 90s.

But he says most birders have heard about them because they were “legendary.”

Scott secured sponsorship from Bird Guide for a trophy and the players took to the field in sponsored kit featuring an emblem of a warbler, designed by bird artist Killain Mullarney.

He feels that with the publicity the fixture will get in the birwatching press and online, there’ll be interest from potential players next year.

Scott hopes it will become an annual event and go from strength to strength.

In yesterday’s match, the islanders won 4-0, with Joel Ware scoring 2 goals and Rory Guy getting another past the net. There was also an own goal from a player on the birders’ team.

The visitors and islanders celebrated the successful reinstatement of the tradition at the Scillonian Club afterwards.