St Mary’s Harbour News- Oct 12th

The Gry Maritha and Lyonesse Lady will return to service again this week.

The Scillonian III will now revert to 4 sailings per week – Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat.

There will be a security exercise taking place in the harbour this week with the Scillonian III prior to its departure on Wednesday

As everyone will notice, the marine aspect of the job is a lot quieter with the bulk of works taking place on the harbourside building and increasing amount of work to the widening area. This, unfortunately, results in yet more congestion for vehicular and pedestrian traffic to enable the necessary works to be undertaken. Please bear with us, work is progressing and things will improve!


The main focus of the quay extension is the continuation of the tie in concrete. The concrete is now visible during LW and concreting is planned for Tuesday evening proving the shuttering works go according to plan.
The four heavy moorings at Nut Rock, Innisidgen and behind the quay remain in place and will do for the foreseeable future.
We expect another delivery from the landing craft Arromanches this week


The large green silo is now in position at the rear of the building and now filled with the cement product. Work has already started on the injection of this into the ground and will continue through the week.
Bags of dredged material will be delivered throughout the week from Porthloo. There may be access restrictions to the rear yard but please be patient – vehicles will move if asked and will be there to off-load the bags as safely and efficiently as possible.


Ticket Office/Check in: Almost there! Surfaces have been lined and the roof will be progressed this week

Freight Office: There has been no change since the last update

Chiller/Freezer: Fitting out of the machinery and commissioning is on-going this week

Freight Store: All columns are now completed and the temporary scaffolding will be brought down this week

Balcony- Work to fit the timber to the steel frame will continue throughout the week.