Scilly To Feature In Transatlantic Row

Stein HoffA Norwegian man is planning to copy the record-breaking transatlantic crossing made by two of his fellow countrymen 120 years earlier.

Stein Hoff has announced plans to row alone, non-stop, and without any accompanying vessel or other forms of physical assistance from Battery Park in Manhattan to Hugh Town, starting on Sunday 15th May next year.

And he hopes to make the crossing, which is up to 3,000 nautical miles, in about 90 days.

Stein will be taking the same route as the Norwegian-American seamen and fishermen, Georg Harbo and Gabriel Samuelsen in 1896.

They took 55 days and became the first people ever to row across a major ocean on their 18-foot open vessel.

It was another 70 years before anyone else completed a similar crossing, when in 1966, Britons Chay Bligh and John Ridgeway rowed from Cape Cod to Kilronan in Ireland.

Mr Hoff, who is 69 years old, is no stranger to long distance rowing.

He’s already crossed the Atlantic twice before! The first time was in 1997 as part of a duo with Arvid Bentsen.

He also rowed solo from Lisbon to Guyana in South America in 2002.

You can find out more about Stein’s plans here.