Islands’ Partnership Celebrates Good Season But Warns On Complacency

David Jackson

David Jackson

The Islands’ Partnership is celebrating a second consecutive year of increased visitor numbers to the islands but they’re warning businesses not to become complacent.

Executive Director David Jackson says there was a 9% increase in visitors this season, building on the 6% rise in 2014.

But he warns that Scilly still “needs to up its game” in order to compete with other destinations, particularly for new visitors to the islands.

David says the work of the Partnership “is clearly bearing fruit” and that the team has worked hard to deliver “a highly desirable brochure” for the third year.

Their award-winning website, has also performed strongly, he says, with more than 540,000 visits, a 28% increase on last year. There were over 76,000 visits in July alone.

But David said there “is still much to be done to ensure that Scilly is an attractive destination for new visitors.”

He said the IP will continue to improve the on-island visitor experience, transport links and length of season through the development of new products and joint initiatives.

Next season they’ll introduce an on-island pocket map and guide to Scilly, and believe the new events programme will attract visitors at times when traditionally the islands have experienced dips in numbers.

One Response to Islands’ Partnership Celebrates Good Season But Warns On Complacency

  1. Adam Morton, St.Martins September 29, 2015 at 9:31 am

    I would say the evidence is anything but “clear” that IPs efforts are bearing fruit! In fact its the good summers weather we had last year and the near decade freeze on prices that’s crippling the industry of staff and is bringing the islands very much in line the mainland prices. This ignores the the 30% +extra costs we have over the mainland and will not be sustainable without real movement on import costs. So far we have had precisely the same amount of action from IP representing the transport forum as we did from the Council ie nothing!