St Mary’s Harbour News : Saturday 19th September

The Scillonian III has completed all her Sunday sailings for this season. She will also revert to 1200 arrival and 1630 departure on Saturdays for the remainder of this year.

The MTS vessel Grey Bear will arrive in the Islands on Saturday to carry out protective work to cables within Porthcressa bay. She will be based within the Harbour for the coming weeks


Large steps have been made this week with the removal of the Liebherr crane, the jack up barge and the Stemat barge along with the tugs Indus, Vulcan 2 and Tacktow

The four heavy moorings at Nut Rock, Innisidgen and behind the quay remain in place and will do for the foreseeable future.

The dive platform has been unloaded with all equipment having been placed on the new section of quay. All diving operations will take place from the new structure itself. The now empty platform is swinging on one of our yacht moorings until such time as the fenders are installed where half the platform will be employed.

Work has started today to clear the area between the new and existing quays in anticipation of starting the six concrete pours that will complete the tie in. If poor weather halts this operation, work will start on pouring the top slab instead. All materials for these pours are present on the Island

Grouting has been completed on the stairs on the end but some remains to be done on the staircase fitted to the berthing face

Grouting of the blocks continues.


The delivery of the ground stabilisation equipment has been delayed slightly. It is now expected that the plant will all be present in Falmouth at the end of next week

The ground stabilisation operation is expected to take 10-14 days

Most of the 6.5t blocks for the widening are now present on the Island. 30 remain to be delivered

Kier are currently working to create a timetable which will enable them to make the most of the tidal working windows


Ticket Office/Check in flooring is being fitted. It is expected that the minor works to finish should be completed by next Tuesday

Freight Office: Work to fit the flooring should continue this weekend

Chiller/Freezer: The cladding to the outside has been fitted this week and the concrete floors are being poured this afternoon. Ducting and doors are due to be fitted in the coming week

Freight Store: Work continues on replacing the columns within the store. At this point there are two left to fit

Balcony :The steelwork for the balcony was delivered in the last few days. Work has started to breakout the weak mix concrete covering the foundation slabs along the front of the building. The areas of work here will be kept as small as possible but some

Disruption to the pedestrian area is inevitable. The columns will be fitted in the coming week

Old quay is not an area for parking. Please do not park vehicles here – this is area is for pedestrians only unless arrangements have been made in advance through the harbour office.