‘Dust Off Those Instruments’ For A Special School Musical Event

Head of Music Debbie Wainwright

Head of Music Debbie Wainwright

Did you used to play in a school orchestra or band and would love to give it a try again? Then you’re being given a chance to dust off that flute, violin or guitar during a special session next Tuesday evening at the Five Islands School.

It’s part of a two-day series of workshops being run at the school by musicians from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra with children from reception classes to year 11.

And they hope to get the community together to make some music too.

Music teacher Debbie Wainwright says, “our community has a strong tradition of music making, and it would be fantastic to revive that in some way.”

And it doesn’t matter how rusty you are. Debbie says the musical parts will be at different levels so you won’t be faced with something that’s too hard and the session will be very supportive and encouraging.

And she even has some spare brass and woodwind instruments to loan if you no longer have one.

Debbie says you might even end up playing the same instrument you played when you were 14!

The session is being led by the BSO’s Patrick Bailey who is currently running the Cornwall Family Orchestra project and has lots of experience of working with adults who have not picked up their instruments for many years.

The event is running on Tuesday 22nd September in the school performance hall from 7.30pm to 9pm.

If you want any more information about the project you can contact Debbie by email at deborahwainwright@fiveislands.scilly.sch.uk.