St Martin’s Man Launching New Album

Warren Neil

Warren Neil

St Martin’s man Warren Neill is known for promoting other people’s music. He organises the Daymark Festival and arranged for 90s band Dodgy to perform at the Scillonian Club recently.

But next week he’ll be promoting his own band’s new album.

Soixante Neuf are releasing Cold Cuts, which Warren describes as a collection of “easy going Americana and some country influenced tracks.”

Its name is a nod to Paul McCartney’s post-Beatles demo album.

Warren’s fellow band members have shown more commitment to their music than many groups.

They record sessions at a band-member’s home in Switzerland and travel a couple of times a year from Scilly, London and Melbourne in Australia to play at Lucerne.

Because the bandmates couldn’t be further apart, they use the internet to share musical ideas.

And Warren says the introduction of superfast broadband to St Martin’s has made a real difference, with tracks taking a few seconds to download, rather than having to wait overnight!

The band has another two albums in the pipeline for next year and a tour is on the cards.

The group came over for Warren’s wedding on the island and he hopes they’ll play a Scilly date, but logistics mean it’s more likely that their live shows will be performed around London and Birmingham.