Call For More Action On Late Night Noise

Paul Charnock

Paul Charnock

Late night noise in Hugh Town is worse than it was three years ago and police should be present in Hugh Street at pub closing time to prevent anti-social behaviour.

That’s the view of Paul Charnock, who lives at The Bank.

Paul says his neighbours also believe that the disturbance is getting worse and doesn’t feel that the authorities are doing enough to tackle it.

He says he wants people to have fun and doesn’t mind them laughing and joking in the street up to 11pm.

But he feels that he has witnessed behaviour in the small hours, such as urinating in doorways and scuffles, that is not acceptable in Scilly, especially at that time.

Paul believes this “is not a good advertisement” for people who come to the islands for the peace and quiet and feels it could affect some tourism businesses.

He says he has complained to the Council but they have told him that if noise occurs more than 30 meters from licenced premises then “it’s not their problem.”

They’ve suggested that he keeps a diary documenting when there has been a disturbance.

Paul wants the Council and Police to work together to tackle the problem and to stop “passing the buck.”

The Council’s press office says that the Authority has always acted in line with their Licensing Act powers in relation to the licensing of premises.

They have appointed a full time Environmental Health Officer who can monitor and enforce issues that fall under the Council’s control.

And they say that if evidence of consistent and sustained noise is found then enforcement action can be taken against licensed premises.

Sergeant Colin Taylor recently said that his team won’t try to hush revellers because if they are standing in Hugh Street each night, it means they can’t address other priorities.

But Mr Charnock says that locals identified tackling late night noise as their number one priority in a Community Safety Partnership survey six years ago. And he’d like it prioritised again.

Sgt Taylor says that police shifts do cover both early and late hours and he takes Paul’s points seriously. The police say they are sharing reports on disorder with the Town Hall licensing team.

Colin also says he took Cllr Fran Grottick, a member of the Licensing Committee, on a late night patrol in August so she could see what happens in town after dark.

During that shift an adult was issued a fine for urinating in the street.

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