New Tourism Map Being Prepared For Scilly

tresco from aboveScilly’s tourism body, the Islands’ Partnership, is producing a new map and guide as part of their range of services to help visitors make the most of the islands.

It’ll be ready next season.

Executive Director David Jackson says he acknowledges that there are existing maps and handbooks, but this new publication will combine directions with dining options and recommendations on things to do.

Some businesses will be featured. They’ll have to pay for this but David says the adverts “won’t be overboard.”

He says there needs to be a balance between revenue earning and producing a useful tool for tourists.

David says they are making quite an investment in getting the maps’ design and artwork created but once it is done any member will be able to access this resource if they need to produce their own maps for leaflets, interpretation panels or websites.

One Response to New Tourism Map Being Prepared For Scilly

  1. Adam Morton, St.Martins September 10, 2015 at 7:48 am

    Yeah but what have you done about transport? Any more than the Council?