MMO Gives Go Ahead For New Quay Widening Scheme

quay wide viewThe St Mary’s quay works will be completed by mid November.

Kier Construction says they can now set an end-date because the Marine Management Organisation has approved their plans to deal with the risk of contamination.

Earlier this year substances were found in the area between Rat Island and the quay wall which, if disturbed by the widening works, could have caused pollution.

Caroline Leatherdale from Kier Construction says they’ve come up with a “technically innovative” solution to lock in the contaminated sediment, using a mixture of cement and binding material.

And she says the MMO is satisfied with the new plan and the widening work can now go ahead.

They’ve started removing a large boulder so that a 45 tonne machine can get into position for the work, which will take place at low tide to avoid any leaching of material into the water.

John Gargett of the Marine Management Organisation says they undertook a thorough review of the proposal including careful consideration of the potential impacts to the Isles of Scilly Complex Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and four Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Before consent was granted for the works, information was reviewed including the sediment contamination analysis.

Advice from Natural England, the Environment Agency and the Centre for Environment, Fish and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) were sought prior to the MMO granting approval for the works.

In addition extensive monitoring including seawater and sediment sampling and chemical analysis will take place. They’ll be checking for heavy metals, turbidity, suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, salinity and they’ll check pH.

These tests are required to ensure that unacceptable impacts do not occur because of the works.