Scilly’s Football Club Keen To Recruit New Players

anthony gibbonsThe new chairman of St Mary’s Football Club says he is keen to recruit additional players and get more youngsters involved.

Anthony Gibbons was elected to the top position during the club’s annual general meeting at the Scillonian Club on Thursday.

He says he’s concerned that, similar to many other sports and social clubs on the islands, member numbers are falling.

Recently the club has had to reduce the number of players on each side when the Woolpack Wanderers and Garrison Gunners have played each other.

Anthony says that the falling numbers are a mystery. He says when he was captain three years ago, there were over twenty players on each team and they were struggling to bring on subs.

Now they’re having trouble forming the two teams.

The club has started selling polo shirts to raise funds. They need to buy new football nets and they’re getting their own washing machine, as the hotel that has previously cleaned kit can’t do it anymore.

Anthony says he’s keen to encourage more mainland clubs over. The Dynamo Choughs are planning to visit again this season and there are matches planned with a team of visiting birders as well as the annual visit by the Mal de Mers.

The club remains in the media spotlight because of interest in its status as ‘The World’s Smallest Football League.’

German television filmed a match on Sunday and a French sportswriter will visit soon. Sky is also set to travel over too.