Scilly’s Friendly Seal Is A Worldwide Hit

A scene from Gary Grayson's video.

A scene from Gary Grayson’s video.

TV viewers in the United States, Canada and New Zealand are set to get a glimpse of our islands’ sea life.

A video of a visiting diver tickling the tummy of a seal off St Martin’s went viral on the internet last week and that means millions of people have seen the amazing underwater scenes of Scilly.

Now the broadcast rights for the footage have been picked up by the Ellen Degeneres show.

The stand-up comedian’s daytime programme is one of the most popular in the States, attracting millions of American viewers each day and it is also syndicated worldwide.

The man who features in the film, Salford-based diver Gary Grayson, says he is excited that the clip has been picked up by a US network.

Gary has had many calls from national newspapers and broadcasters and his Scilly seal film has been featured in most UK tabloids and broadsheets.

And he says the response online has been “phenomenal” with almost 10 million hits, which are growing daily.

But Gary says the interest in the video has been a surprise. It was filmed in 2012 and appears to have just been ‘discovered’ last week after a friend reposted it from his Facebook page.

Gary came over to Scilly with his Manchester-based club, Dive Life, who were guided by St Mary’s diver, Dave McBride.