The Scillonian III Carries Its Four Millionth Passenger To Scilly

4millionth passenger on scillonianThe Steamship Company has welcomed its four millionth passenger aboard the Scillonian III.

Adam Dale from Oxford was the lucky traveller sailing from Penzance to the islands last Saturday.

To mark the occasion, he was welcomed aboard the vessel by Captain Dave Redgrave and presented with two travel vouchers and a bottle of champagne by Steamship Group Chairman Andrew May.

Adam first visited Scilly five years ago and says he was so captivated that he knew he always wanted to come back.

He says we have a beautiful set of islands and he is looking forward to planning another visit with his family again in the future using the free tickets.

Andrew May, says: “The Scillonian has served the Islands faithfully and, since her launch in 1977, has become a part of the Islands’ life. She carries on the work of her older sisters – the second Scillonian and Scillonian launched respectively in 1955 and 1926.

Captain Dave Redgrave says she has proved to be a reliable, hardworking and successful vessel and it has been an honour to be her Captain over the past five years. He’s looking forward to more.