Life Coaching Sessions Being Offered On St Mary’s

craig hedgeIf you feel that you’re at a crossroads with work, your relationship or need help with your confidence or to define personal goals, a visiting expert is on St Mary’s and he’s offering to help you make positive changes.

Tasmania-born Craig Hedge is a life coach and has 30 years experience in the field of personal, spiritual and self development.

He’s resident on St Mary’s over the next few weeks and says he wants to offer his professional services while he’s here.

Craig says life coaching is really a sort of “long conversation” with a client to try to find out what’s important to them and how they can use that information to change their life.

He says he accepts that a desire to, for example, change careers isn’t easy here on the islands, because of the limited opportunities.

But he says by tackling the underlying issues, and going “back to the beginning” then clients can see where they want to get to more clearly.

Craig says that a third-party life coach can help you find direction by encouraging you to focus on what you want, rather than listening to well-meaning friends, family and work colleagues who think they know what you need.

He says these people can often hold us back, even though they don’t mean to, because they’ve already determined who we are and what we can and can’t do.

And he says what usually happens is that people realise the issues they need to work on are actually very different to what they think are the problems.

Craig can be contacted at Carnwethers on St Mary’s.