BT Working On St Martin’s Phone Fault

telephone box st martinsBT staff will continue to try to fix a fault, which has cut off telephones on St Martin’s.

It is thought to have been caused by Tuesday’s storm.

Yesterday a number of subscribers, including the school base and Post Office, found that they couldn’t make or receive calls and the shop couldn’t take any card payments for much of the day. Some lines were restored last night.

Anyone calling the affected St Martin’s numbers heard a computer voice suggesting that the number didn’t exist.

And the downtime created a headache for the island’s biggest employer. 18 people work at Churchtown Farm and joint-owner of the flower business, Ben Julian, told Radio Scilly that BT were going to divert to the company’s back-up phone system.

The business pays for a special BT business package because telephone communications are essential to their call-centre operating their flower delivery service. Ben says he’s displeased.

Churchtown customers can still order online at

BT dispatched the islands’ BT engineer to fix the fault yesterday.


Update on 27th August 2015 at 10:10am: BT says the phone service has been restored across all of St Martin’s in the last hour.

They say that it involved a re-setting of the radio link equipment serving the island.

It is possible that the equipment could have been affected by the exceptionally heavy rains on Tuesday evening.