Swim Challenge Returns To Scilly In September

inter island swim 2013The second Scilly Swim Challenge is fully booked.

During the event on the 5th September, 150 people will swim from St Mary’s to St Martins, Tresco, Bryher, St Agnes and then back to Porthcressa in one day.

And the weekend is set to deliver Nick and Bryony Lishman’s promise to create an event to boost visitor numbers after the main school holiday period.

Swimtrek trip organiser Dewi Winkle is arranging the challenge with the Lishmans and he says there’ll be a buzz around the islands because of the number of people who’ll be over.

He’s expecting around 250 to 300 extra visitors, made up of swimmers, their families and friends.

Dewi says that finding additional accommodation is now proving a challenge and if you know about available spaces, he’d like you to contact him through the event website.

Last year’s inaugural challenge proved popular and a high percentage of 2014 participants are returning for a second time.

And some entrants are traveling long distances, from the Continent and the United States, and the average age of those taking part is 42 for men and 38 for women.

Many of the swimmers are coming to be part of a special event and to experience the beauty of Scilly from the water, but Dewi stresses that it is not a race.

He says it’s suited to people who are in their first couple of years of open water swimming and whilst they encourage participants to do each stage of the swim, if they’re struggling they can easily sit that section out.

Rain or drizzle won’t affect the day but fog, which will impair visibility, or strong winds and a ‘chop’ on the sea could cause a potential problem.

This time there’ll be three different groups of 50 swimmers, so the organisers can tighten controls.

Safety of participants is a key consideration for the organisers and that will limit the future expansion of the challenge.

But Dewi says there could be extra days added in the future, such as a second event at a different time of the year.

The visitors will be making a weekend of it. On the Sunday, the day after the swim, there’ll be a party at Karma St Martin’s.