New Trustee Appointed To Scilly Charity

town hall 11The Edward McDonald Trust, a charitable fund set up in the 1930s in memory of its founder, has appointed a new Trustee.

Steve Douglas has offered to serve on the board, which awards funds to projects benefiting the elderly and young in Scilly.

But there’s been confusion after the Council got involved and announced that they wanted locals to apply for the vacant role.

At the Full Council meeting earlier this month, members were told that there had been no applicants for the Trust vacancy.

Councillors were about to appoint an elected member to serve on that panel.

But just before they did that, Cllr Fran Grottick, who is also a McDonald Trustee, pointed out that Trust Chairman Dennis Milligan had already been seeking suitable candidates from within the community.

She said he had found someone who was interested and with the relevant experience in finance and business.

Fran said she couldn’t understand why the Council was advertising the role when someone had already been found.

Yesterday, Dennis Milligan told Radio Scilly that he hadn’t asked the Council to advertise the vacancy.

He’s been a member of the trust for 14 years and believes it to be a separate body to the Local Authority.

During the meeting, a Council Officer admitted that he hadn’t been in touch with the Trust Chairman, although some people had expected him to make contact.

Cllr Grottick told Council Chairman Amanda Martin that there had been a failure in sharing information, although Amanda said there was also a duty for the Trustees to communicate with Officers.

The Council agreed to find out what’s going on by their next meeting.

At the same meeting, the Council has also appointed two new Trustees to the Richard Addison Trust.

Andy Guy will serve as a Council appointment and Sue Pritchard was accepted as a member of the community.

But a second applicant for that post was rejected because Council Legal Manager Richard Burraston said she was not local. Valerie McKay lives in Gloucester, which Mr Burraston said was “not appropriate.”

2 Responses to New Trustee Appointed To Scilly Charity

  1. Morris August 25, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    Come on Pat you must have realised a long time ago that the basic principles of operating a local authority represent uncharted waters to both the chair her acolytes and the lack lustre so called senior leadership team!
    Every night is amateur night!!

  2. Pat Hayden August 25, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    I am rather surprised that the lady who applied to become a Trustee could be named in open session.