Business Owner Unhappy Over Damaged Bike

damaged bike Aug 2015The owner of St Mary’s Bike hire says he’s disappointed nobody has come forward to admit that they wrote off one of his cycles by running over it with a vehicle.

Mark Prebble says both wheels and the frame of the £250 bike were “bent like a banana.”

Mark says he’s not annoyed over what appears to be an accident, but he’s unhappy because the bike is clearly labelled as his property and nobody had the decency to come forward and tell him.

Mark says the visitor who had hired the bike was quite upset to find it damaged when she returned to it.

She had left it at the top of McFarland’s Down while she walked to view Innisidgen.

Mark collected the damaged bike from the scene and dropped off a replacement so the woman’s cycling tour of the island wasn’t greatly disrupted.

He’s has reported it to St Mary’s police but they say the incident, which happened between 10.30am and 11.30am yesterday, is a road traffic matter with no witnesses and they can’t take it further. It won’t be logged as a crime.