Author Of Walking Guides Says Scilly Is ‘Better Than The Mediterranean’

walking in the isles of scillyOne of Britain’s top holiday writers says Scilly is in the top league of places for walking.

Paddy Dillon has authored around 70 guides to paths and rambles in destinations as diverse as Malta, Majorca, Ireland and Iceland.

The fourth revision of his book, Walking in the Isles of Scilly, was released recently.

It features a town trail, ten walks on the islands, and four boat trips. And the book offers enough to occupy a keen walker in Scilly during a fortnight-long stay.

Paddy says out of all the destinations he’s written about, he’d recommend our islands to anyone.

He says they’re perfect for walking, both scenically and historically, and the only downside is that they’re not bigger!

Many walking guides feature mountain ranges and hillier terrain. But Paddy says you can see much more in our lower-lying, diverse landscape, which gives a different view around every corner.

Two years ago, government research revealed that walking holidays were a major growth area in tourism.

They polled 1,000 adults and half had been on a walking break in the UK in the previous five years and 27% had been on one abroad.

Paddy says the choice for people looking for this type of holiday is getting larger and more bewildering each year.

But he tells people thinking of heading abroad to warmer destinations to consider Scilly.

“You’ll think you’re in the Mediterranean, everyone speaks English and the scenery is just as good, if not better,” says Paddy.

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