Partnership Wants Scilly’s Tourism Economy To Grow By £5m

tourist information centre flagThe Islands’ Partnership is hoping to grow Scilly’s tourism economy by £5m over the next two years.

The ambitious target is highlighted in their new annual report, which is going out to members this week.

Executive Director David Jackson says official figures show that visitors to the islands brought in £33m in 2013 and he expects the 2014 data, being released shortly, to show a slight improvement on that.

But he says they’re keen to push those figures even higher, adding a further £5m annually by 2017.

Passenger numbers have been up by 9% this year, and David says that means they could be well on their way to this target.

He says it’s not just about “getting more people through the turnstiles” – it’s also encouraging those visitors to spend more when they’re here.

And the Partnership wants to improve occupancy at quiet times of the year.

David says the new Events Team is key to that and they’re hoping to attract an additional 5,000 visitors, which he says will “put bums on seats and pounds in the tills.”

David says the good thing about Scilly’s economy is that it’s “circular” with money tending to stay here more than it would in other tourist areas on the mainland.

“Growing the figures will be good for everyone,” he says.

David is encouraging people to read the Partnership’s annual report and sign up for another season.

He says this year they’d like to increase the range of “value added benefits” for members, in addition to marketing.

This could include training courses, business support and even product development funded by the new round of European cash, which is about to come on stream.

The Partnership are holding drop-in sessions at the TIC for existing and potential members to ask questions on 1st and 3rd September.

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