Police Appeal For More Help From Islanders

police station 3Islanders need to do more to help the police. That’s the view of Sergeant Colin Taylor, who has appealed for locals to be vigilant and for us to report any unusual behaviour immediately so his team can get to the bottom of the recent thefts on St Mary’s.

More fuel has been taken from boats, bringing the total number of fuel thefts reported over the last month to 11.

And there’s been an unusual theft from a vehicle. Two wheels and two tyres have been taken from a car parked at the side of the road to Deep Point.

Colin says the police are not going to be able to solve every crime that takes place on St Mary’s and “some responsibility needs to be taken by other people.”

There have been complaints over late night noise in Hugh Town. Colin says that’s not unusual at the peak of the season but again locals, including pub landlords, need to play their part and encourage others to keep quiet.

Colin says people leaving pubs in the evening need to bear in mind that families close by will be sleeping and won’t want to be woken up at midnight.

He says his team has also had to deal with incidents of underage drinking on the islands and parents can help reduce the police workload by making sure they know where their children are.

Six years ago, tackling late night noise became a policing priority following a Community Safety Partnership survey that indicated locals wanted action.

Now the approach has changed. Colin says he can’t have his officers standing in the street all night to discourage loud talking because it means they can’t address other priorities.

He says shift patterns are biased towards the evenings, but whilst some of the recent police issues have occurred at night, officers need to be on duty in the daytime too.

“We can’t be in every place all of the time,” says Colin.

He says he has to focus on more serious crimes like theft and damage, which leave victims, even if people woken up at night by loud noise might feel like they’re being victimised.

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