Tresco Could Get New Facility For Jet Boats

new grimsby quay

New Grimsby Harbour

Tresco could get a new boathouse for its growing fleet of jet boats.

The estate has submitted plans for an 8m by 19m shed, clad in timber on Palace Row, opposite the quay at New Grimsby.

A 5m concrete slipway would be built from the harbour to the doors of the building and this will require an opening to be made in the existing sea wall.

The estate says it’s required to allow storage and maintenance of the two fast RIBS, the Cyclone and Hurricane, owned by Tresco Boat Services, which have recently bought vessels from both the Bryher and St Martin’s boating services.

They say these now form the principal passenger link from the island to St Mary’s.

But some agencies that have been consulted on the plans have raised concerns.

Natural England has recommended undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment, because the building is close to a Special Area of Conservation and the Site of Special Scientific Interest at Castle Down.

They’re worried about the effects of construction and noise from the work on several important species including common terns and European storm petrels that use the area.

And the Marine Management Organisation says the estate will also need to obtain a licence from them before work can begin on the slipway, which crosses the shoreline.

The Environment Agency says plans to place a removable flood barrier across the new opening in the seawall will need to be assessed to make sure it doesn’t increase the flood risk.

The application is likely to be reviewed by councillors at the Planning meeting next month.

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