Newspaper Rates ‘Happiness’ Of Scilly Residents

hugh town from BuzzaA national newspaper says that people living in Scilly enjoy a high level of ‘happiness.’

The Daily Mail has published the findings of Estate Agent Hamptons International.

They’ve used a number of government data sources to rate the quality of life in each area of Britain.

The Mail says that that the key to a blissful existence, “seems to be living in a beautiful and sparsely populated part of the country, where the natural landscape makes up for a lack of amenities.”

In their index, the least happy residents in England are found in the London Borough of Haringey, where the level of happiness is marked at 7.2.

The best score of 7.8 goes to Allerdale in Cumbria, which includes part of the Lake District.

Our islands rate at 7.5 and that, according to their chart of Britain, means we’re happy with life on the islands.