Cruise Ship Boost For Scilly With Another Last Minute Visit

The Adonia. Photo by Robin Mawer.

The Adonia. Photo by Robin Mawer.

Shops and food retailers on St Mary’s and Tresco will be enjoying a boost from an extra 600 visitors today as St Mary’s Harbour welcomes an unexpected last minute stop from the cruise ship Adonia.

The liner arrived at Douglas Bay on the Isle of Man yesterday morning and was scheduled to spend the day in Manx waters.

But the poor weather forecast meant that while the tenders could take her passengers ashore, it looked like their return to the ship could have been challenging.

P&O management made calls and found a space at St Mary’s, so the ship left Manx waters early.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark says the Adonia’s officers have developed a “superb” relationship with the St Mary’s harbour staff and our agent.

Scilly has accommodated the vessel at the last minute before and Dale says feedback from passengers indicated that they were “over the moon” with St Mary’s.

There’s another attraction to Scilly – as the ship stays in The Roads, there’s no port fees, which makes our destination a financially attractive option for operators.

The cruise ship Azores, with 550 people on board, is also here all day until around 6pm, and both vessels will be sending passengers to St Mary’s and Tresco.