Island Potter’s Piggy Banks Bring Fans Together

Gill Yarnell's piggy bank

Facebook fan Rodney Davey’s piggy bank

The internet is known for bringing people with shared interests together.

And now a Warwickshire artist has set up a Facebook page to try and trace where John Bourdeaux’s pottery piggy banks are, all over the planet.

Gill Yarnall has been visiting Scilly for 46 years and says she’s been purchasing items from John’s gallery every year since it opened.

She says she has “a houseful of John’s work” and was inspired to start the specialist group when she saw another island-lover’s piggy bank picture on a social media site.

Gill says she’ll be raiding her Bourdeaux piggy bank again before she visits next year and admits that it has been emptied regularly over the years.

John says he’s amazed that the Facebook group – The Secret Life of John Bourdeaux Pigs – has been set up.

He’s created around 600 of the pieces since 1979 and the furthest travelled could well be the model he sent to Tasmania last year.

John says that buying the piggy banks has become a tradition within some families, with people buying them for their children, who then purchase them for their own offspring.

He knows of four generations in one family with his piggy banks.

And you’ll pleased to know that he does still have some in stock.