Build Upmarket Retirement Homes At Tregarthen’s Says Islander

tregarthens from waterAn island resident says the new owner of Tregarthen’s Hotel should build high-end retirement homes instead of developing the property for visitors.

And Alan Davis says his plan would do far more to boost the islands’ economy.

Tregarthen’s owner Nigel Wolstenholme has submitted plans for a £5m refurbishment of the hotel, which could see ten self-catering cottages built on the Hugh Town site.

He’s also planning to retain around 30 hotel rooms.

But Alan believes there’s overcapacity in St Mary’s four hotels and taking these rooms out of the system would lead to better rates, rather than having to offer deals to fill them.

And he wants Nigel to consider building high-end retirement apartments instead, which he says would give a decent return on any developer’s investment

Alan says these properties have become very popular on the mainland, particularly in the Southwest. There’s even a development catering for over-55s in Penzance.

They’re different from the social housing being proposed for Carn Thomas and would offer wealthy retirees an attractive option to move to Scilly.

He says these apartments usually have restrictions on subletting or being rented out as holiday homes.

And he feels the residents they’d attract would bring money into the local economy.

Alan admits there could be extra strain on health services on St Mary’s but doesn’t feel it would be much more than people of any age would normally require.

He says it’s probably something that hasn’t even been considered as part of the new Local Plan, currently out to consultation with the islands’ Council.

But he said that pursuing old ideas is “not always the best way forward.”

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