St Mary’s Hospital Signs Up To National ‘Safe Places’ Scheme

hospital  nhs sign 2People with learning difficulties who feel scared or at risk while they’re out and about on the islands will soon have somewhere to go for help.

St Mary’s Hospital has signed up to the national ‘Safe Places’ scheme.

And the organisation that runs the hospital, Peninsula Community Health, says staff will start to receive specialist training in October.

Radio Scilly understands that this is separate from the ‘Safe Place’ for people undergoing a mental health crisis, which is also being planned for the hospital.

The courses are being run by Cornwall Council and are open to other organisations, like shops, leisure centres and libraries, who feel they can provide somewhere members of the community can go if they’re feeling anxious.

That could be anything from being lost, losing a mobile phone or being bullied.

People signing up to the scheme carry an ‘I Need Help’ card with their name and the details of a relative or carer who can be contacted in an emergency.

And the Safe Places are marked with a sticker in the window to show members they’re a temporary safe haven until help can be provided.

Peninsula Community Health says St Mary’s Hospital is already a hub for the community, so this is a way to provide extra support for their staff if someone comes and asks for help.

Samuel Edwards, their Primary Care Liaison Nurse for Adults with Learning Disabilities said they remain a highly vulnerable group both in the healthcare system and in the wider community.

He said it’s essential that staff are provided with training so they can keep up-to-date with the needs of people with learning disabilities.

If you want your business or organisation to become a Safe Place, you can contact Cornwall’s health and Social Care team on 01209 313419 or email