Co-op Outlines Plans For New Storage Chiller At Hugh Town Store

co-op car parkingThe Co-op wants to install a new refrigeration unit at the rear of their Hugh Town store.

They say it won’t disturb residents and will allow the shop to operate more efficiently and provide a better range of food.

A planning application submitted to the Council says the single storey warehouse at the rear of the site will need to be demolished to accommodate the equipment, which is around 4m long and 2.3m high.

And they’ve brought in consultants to ensure the fridge, which will operate 24-hours a day, won’t keep neighbours awake.

In 2013, St Austell Brewery had to remove a commercial freezer unit from the rear garden of their Trekieve staff house on Hugh Street after losing a planning appeal.

Neighbours complained about the noise.

The Co-op’s acoustic experts say the new chiller they’re proposing will be 10m from the nearest neighbours’ windows, further than the current equipment, and will operate at a reduced power overnight.

They’ve also chosen one that has very low noise levels below, they say, the World Health Organisation and British Standard limits for people sleeping with their bedroom windows open.

The work is part of a proposed £450,000 upgrade of the Co-op’s St Mary’s store announced last month, and which is expected to begin this autumn.