Islands’ Partnership Cancels Seafront Cinema Event

Screening was planned for Holgate's Green

Screening was planned for Holgate’s Green

The first outdoor cinema event planned by the Islands’ Partnership, a screening of Jaws, has been cancelled.

The tourism body had intended showing the movie on Holgate’s Green on Monday evening on an 8m wide screen brought over from the mainland.

David Jackson, the Executive Director of the IP, arranged for a road closure of The Strand and a licenced bar but there’s been a problem with the licence giving permission for the film’s screening.

The film is 40 years old this year and because there’s been so much demand to show it, the company holding the licence, Amblin Entertainment, have told the IP that that they are unlikely to grant permission in time for Monday’s intended showing.

That’s despite them giving the IP assurances several weeks ago that they could issue one in time.

Without a licence, the organisers could face a hefty fine.

The equipment wasn’t being brought over until Monday, the day of the intending showing.

And David says while they could pick another movie with easier licencing conditions, it is not the right thing to do because it will cause confusion for people who have already purchased tickets.

David says he’s disappointed after so much work and effort has gone in to bringing this new event to Scilly.

Earlier this week, he told Radio Scilly that “hundreds of pounds” of tickets had been sold.

Those who have already purchased their tickets will be able to get full refunds at the Tourist Information Centre.

David says they are hopeful that they will still be able to bring the Seafront Cinema to Scilly this summer.