Steve Griffin To Reopen Butchers Shop

griffin butchers vanAfter a break of four years, Steve Griffin is re-opening his butchers shop later this autumn.

He says he’s glad to be starting up again because the community needs the sort of traditional butchers that he operated for 20 years.

Steve started his own business after leaving the Co-op, when the company decided to close their in-store butchery.

The precise opening date of his shop will depend on what equipment Steve needs to buy but he says it will be sometime in November.

Steve feels that it is “a bit of a gamble” as he’ll have to invest thousands of pounds on new kit.

But since he’s chalked up details of his return on the side of his van, he says he’s had plenty of encouragement from islanders.

And now he’s waiting to hear what locals want him to stock. He says he is convinced that there’s demand for a range of affordable meat.

Since Steve ceased trading back in October 2011 he’s been renting his Garrison Lane shop to the Plowman Food Company, which opened in March 2012.

He decided to close after celebrating his 60th birthday, when his attempts to find a serious buyer for the business failed.

At the time he cautioned that the shop required a significant commitment, but he says he’s learned a valuable lesson since then.

He’s not going to bring back his bakery because the 4am starts are “just too much.” Shoppers will need to go elsewhere for bread, although he will sell cakes and pasties.

Steve still wants to enjoy his retirement and intends eventually to try to find a butcher to take over.

And there could be an opportunity for a local, as he says he’s prepared to train someone up himself if he can find an interested islander.

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