Police Funding Proposals Will Have ‘Catastrophic’ Effect

police landroverNew Home Office funding proposals will have a ‘catastrophic’ effect on Devon and Cornwall Police.

That’s the view of Andrew White, Chief Executive in the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Hogg

He says the force could lose 200 more front line police officers if government plans to change the way it funds police forces go ahead.

The PCC team has now scrutinised the government’s revised proposals and they say the money Devon and Cornwall receives could be cut by around £11 million a year.

Mr White says the proposals fail to recognise the additional strain placed on policing services through our high levels of tourism.

“One in eight overnight stays are taken in Devon and Cornwall and yet no account is taken for this.”

He says Tony Hogg has launched a campaign for a fairer settlement for our region’s police.

Speaking last month, when he announced that he wouldn’t seek re-election for second term, Mr Hogg said that the unique geographic nature of Scilly would make staffing cuts here unlikely.

Mr White is urging members of the public to respond directly to the consultation by registering their concerns with the Home Office. A form is available at http://www.devonandcornwall-pcc.gov.uk/fair-funding/