Islands’ Vet Baffled Over Stray Cat Poster

stray cat posterScilly’s vet, Heike Dorn, is baffled by a poster that has gone up telling visitors not to feed what they think might be stray cats and dogs on St Mary’s.

The notice says there are no stray animals on the island and they warn people not to feed them or encourage them to follow, because the pets could lose their way back to their usual homes.

The poster features Heike’s telephone number to contact if people are concerned the animal may be injured.

But Heike says the poster is nothing to do with her and she doesn’t know who has put it up.

And she says she’s not heard of anyone losing an animal in Scilly because it’s followed someone to their accommodation.

Heike says cats don’t tend to follow people and are very territorial, so won’t normally have any problems finding their way home.

“They select the house that they live in,” says Heike, “not the people.”

And she says there may be some feral cats living on St Mary’s although they’re no longer at the Moorwell dump.

She’s been neutering as many as she can and says she hasn’t seen any kittens this year, so thinks that might have been successful.

Heike says if people find an animal on St Mary’s and don’t know who it belongs to, they should contact her anyway, because she knows many of the pets here and can usually help.