St Mary’s Harbour Opens New Passenger Waiting Room

harbour waiting room aug 2015The new St Mary’s Harbour waiting room is open. And soon passengers will be able to see how near their boat is from the quay.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark says comfort and convenience has been central to their plans and a video display of marine traffic movements will be part of that.

Dale says this will give waiting passengers a rough indication of where their boat is, although he adds that not all vessels in Scilly currently have this AIS tracking technology.

Over the next few months a television will also be added and Dale says it will be set on one of the rolling news channels.

Dale says the new larger space will improve the experience of local and visiting boat passengers, with better seating and changes to the area for handling off-island parcels and luggage.

And while the new waiting room is likely to close overnight initially, Dale says the intention is to keep it open 24 hours a day, although that will be reviewed if the space is mistreated.

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