Scilly’s Guides Return From Action-Packed Mainland Camp

Scilly's Guides at Buckingham Palace

Scilly’s Guides at Buckingham Palace

Scilly’s Guides have returned from an activity-packed, week long camp in Hertfordshire.

During their trip, the Scilly party visited Guide Headquarters and met visiting girls from Canada.

Guide Leader Fiona Robson says the highlight was a visit to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard.

She says a footman came out to chat to the Guides and spent 30 minutes patiently answering their questions about working in the palace.

Fiona says they also enjoyed a boat trip down the Thames from Westminster to the Tower of London and she says the girls really tested her knowledge of British royalty!

But Fiona says navigating the tube proved quite a test for the accompanying adults who were each assigned three children to shepherd through the stations and onto the trains.

Back at the Tolmers Camp, the girls had to cram in five separate 90-minute activities each day.

Some of them undertook personal development challenges to help them overcome phobias or concerns in a ‘face your fears’ test.

And Fiona says there was some chaotic fun. The theme of the camp was cops and robbers and the girls made paper convict suits to wear while leaders wore policeman hats and carried truncheons.

At one point, the ‘prisoners’ were given a task to try to escape the camp, resulting in an injury for Guide Leader Lesley Thomas, who fell whilst trying to catch one of the girls “making a break for it.”

Fiona says the girls made lots of new friends as there were over 800 Guides and Scouts staying on site.

They’ll put together a presentation of their photos in September.

Last year Scilly’s youngsters went to camp in the New Forest, and following two mainland trips in a row, next year the group is staying on the islands.

Fiona says they’re planning a big camp, accompanied by invited Guides and Scouts from the mainland.