Next Council-Appointed School Governor Could Come From Mainland

school summer 1The next Council-appointed governor at the Five Islands School could come from the mainland after the Senior Manager for Children’s Services said they needed to “cast the net as wide as possible” to get the best person for the role.

Aisling Hick was updating councillors on a new policy for recruiting Local Authority governors, which gives greater detail on how they’re appointed or removed from the post.

By law, all Councils have to nominate a governor to each school, although it’s up to the board of governors to agree the appointment.

“They’re within their rights to say no,” said Aisling.

She said the Council’s policy needed updating to reflect this and also to show how, “in those very rare instances when somebody is not doing the job,” they can be removed in a fair and proper way.

Aisling says the process was even more urgent now because the previous LA-governor, Ben Julian, had resigned before the meeting.

Ben, who is also the Chairman of the Board, is continuing as a co-opted governor.

Aisling says the role would be slightly different here in Scilly because of the importance of our single school.

The governor will be nominated by a panel made up of senior councillors and officers. And they’ll be expected to attend Children’s Committee meetings and brief the Chief Executive and Council Chairman three times a year.

Aisling said anybody who feels they can contribute should apply, including the “huge diaspora of friends who live on the mainland” who feel they’d like to make a difference to the islands.

They should try to get best person for the role, she said, with a strong track record in business, strategy and education, to support the board of governors on their road to improvement.

But Cllr Fran Grottick was worried that a mainland-based governor might not be able to communicate with the Council as well as one based on the islands.

Aisling said the Diocese had appointed mainland-based governors and they’ve made a significant contribution.

It’s about getting the best person first and the location second, she said, but she hoped someone locally would be interested because it would be easier for them to get to winter meetings.

Fran also wanted to “get on and appoint as quickly as possible” because Ben had actually resigned in May.

She said the Department for Education expects the appointment process to start as soon as an LA-governor role becomes vacant.

Aisling promised to complete the process by the next Full Council meeting on 22nd September.