St Mary’s Gig Club Joins Cornish Association

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St Mary’s Gig Club has applied to join the Cornish Pilot Gig Association.

Thirteen of the local club members attended the extraordinary general meeting last Thursday and backed affiliation with the mainland body.

The Secretary of the CPGA Anne Curnow Care and their Racing Officer Peter Fisher travelled over to answer questions during the session at the Scillonian Club.

It follows an initial approach by the Scilly club during the last Gig Championships.

Anne says the CPGA has grown considerably since its establishment in 1986. They currently have 64 member clubs and she says the organisation is continuing to grow and develop.

St Mary’s Club Committee member Sonia Vickers-Fletcher says there won’t be any noticeable difference on a day-to-day basis but by joining the mainland body there are significant benefits.

The island’s club can use the CPGA’s welfare and policy guidelines. It also means that St Mary’s can attend any mainland races without having to be invited, although in reality there’s little likelihood of taking part in additional events because of the difficulties of travelling over during the season.

Anne says the CPGA has been affiliated with British Rowing for a number of years developing training courses and some clubs have had significant success in drawing down larger grants for areas such as clubhouses.

Improving the Porthmellon gig sheds following the 2014 storms is a priority for the club and they’re hoping to raise funds to repair its leaking roof and add stormboards, instead of relying on sandbags.

Anne says the application will now go before the membership of the CPGA, as they are the ones with the voting rights, but at this stage the executive committee sees no reason for any club to not back St Mary’s membership.

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