Kier To Start Moving Porthloo Material

porthloo dredge pileKier Construction says they’ll start to remove the silt and sand stored at Porthloo over the next month. And the company, who are working on the quay extension, say they have planned the works to avoid putting “an excessive burden on the road system.”

The dredged material will be used as filler for the concrete blocks, which will form the quay extension. The work has been controversial, though.

Back in May, Porthloo guesthouse owner Patti Brooks blocked diggers with a sit-in on top of the pile after she claimed that it was obscuring her guest’s sea view.

After Patti’s protest, Kier agreed not to add any more material to the mound.

And Kier says since then, they have maintained communications with nearby residents.

200 bags of the material will be filled and transported from Porthloo down to the Quay over a period of 21 days.

They’ll move 10 to 15 bags per day, which will mean two daily vehicle trips through the town.

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