Interisland Boat Fares Rising In Scilly

st marys harbour tripper boats scillonianInterisland boat fares have gone up for many islanders and visitors.

St Mary’s Boatmen’s Association have ended their discounted locals’ ticket rate because islanders have been abusing the system.

Boatman Joe Pender says some residents have been buying cheaper tickets and giving them to visiting friends and family.

He says it has become increasingly difficult to police the fares as some of the crew are not familiar with who is resident and who is not.

After considering the options for some time, the majority of Association members backed a standard ticket price for everyone.

But Joe says there are still savings for bulk buying. Purchasing more than 10 tickets reduces the trip fare by 15% from £8.60 to £7.30.

Price rises aren’t just affecting St Mary’s residents. Earlier this month a visitor contacted us to say she was unhappy at the recent hike in fares at Tresco Boating Service too.

She felt that a 20p increase on 2014 fares to £9.20 was acceptable. But during her holiday earlier this season their fares rose again to £10 return, and that’s a 10% increase on last year.

She feels that is “a bit steep” when fuel prices haven’t gone up.

We sent her complaint to Tresco Estate but they declined our offer to comment.