Weather And Tides Bring Big Turnout For Parish Church Fete

church fete 2015There was a sizeable turnout for yesterday’s annual Parish Church Fete.

Hundreds of locals and visitors enjoyed Chris Garratt’s Band, a bouncy castle and the traditional Punch and Judy shows.

But yesterday’s event was Paul Miller’s last fete as Chaplain of the Isles before he retires next month.

Paul says the weather and the really low afternoon tides kept people on St Mary’s and helped to drive the crowds to the Chaplaincy Gardens.

He says events like the fete help meet the costs of running a tiny parish that includes six church buildings across five islands.

He says they’re still paying off around £250,000 spent on Tresco’s St Nicholas church last year and there’s more work needed on other buildings.

Last year Paul was concerned that the Diocese’s financial problems required all parishes to contribute more to central funds based on their “ability to pay.”

Paul has successfully convinced the Deanery that Scilly’s Parish should be treated as a special case and receive extra support, because of its additional challenges.

He says the Diocese now give them a grant to help with travel costs between the islands and he’s pleased that he can leave Scilly that legacy.

Paul says he’ll miss Scilly, because it’s such a lovely place to live, but he says he’s looking forward to ‘taking his foot off the pedal’ and spending more time with his grandchildren on the mainland.